Tenneva Treehouse

Tucked away in a quiet corner of a small city in northeast Tennessee, a forested valley, which was previously overgrown with invasive plants, has become the home of a remarkable custom treehouse and native woodland garden. The private residence sits on the edge of a 2000 acre municipal park, and the owner wanted to create a small meadow garden as a place of respite from which to enjoy the woodland. This original concept progressively evolved to include pathways through the space, a pond to attract wildlife, an expanded native woodland garden, a firepit, and finally a treehouse with multiple green roofs. The treehouse allows the family to become immersed in the genius loci of the garden and surrounding woodlands. Its unique character and custom detailing are the result of the vision of the owner, the contractor, and the landscape architects. Thousands of native plants have been placed to restore the valley, but not without challenges. A large deer herd regularly visits the garden, as well as a flock of turkeys pecking at the seeds and smaller plants. Despite these nibbling visitors, the garden flourishes, and it is truly a peaceful retreat for the owners and a place of great exploration for their grandchildren.