Park Street Guest House

At the lowest point topographically in downtown Abingdon, Virginia, this eighth of an acre property required extensive study before being developed. Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling was completed to satisfy FEMA requirements for development within the 100-year floodplain. With no lower surrounding area to drain stormwater runoff, a sophisticated and integrated stormwater management plan was designed that included rain gardens, infiltration trenches, pervious pavement and a 2000-gallon rainwater harvesting system to mitigate stormwater levels on site. The remainder of the site was planted in gardens, and a drip-irrigation system was installed to further promote the infiltration of captured stormwater from the cistern. The end result is a residential-scale model for treating stormwater on small, urban sites.

* The guest house project was completed while Quinn Craughwell was employed with Graham Landscape Architecture.